Saturday, May 4, 2013

Uploading pics before I forget (edited to include the disaster)

My Fitness Pal says: 1,670 calories today

Got a little behind (well, I could make a joke by analyzing that comment) in posting pics, so let me do it before I forget:
Coffee - it's what's for breakfast
Yes, that's a PB&J

One slice of 100-calorie million-grain bread, one tablespoon of good old-fashioned grape jelly, one tablespoon of natural (no sugar or salt added) peanut butter.

Hmm... this day was going well enough.  I admit I ate one of these before spending the afternoon so busy that I forgot about eating... for a while.
I didn't eat it with a knife and fork - I just tore into it like a savage.

So... It was somebody's birthday.  Somebody special.  And he just suddenly asked for a few things, and I wasn't going to say no.  Of course, I could have locked my lips and just smiled closed-lipped at everyone else while they ate, but I did not do that.  Chomp, chomp, chomp....

And as for this... I admit, I scarfed it down before taking a photo, so at least I went back and got a close-up of the cut side of this delicacy. (it's plain cake with a squiggle of whipped cream and a strawberry with glaze.)  I ate a carefully-measured piece and looked up the calories, did the math, put it into My Fitness Pal, and MFP says:  (drumroll....)  Look at the top of the post to see the calories count for today.  NOT getting on the scale until next Friday, but then again...that was not part of this challenge.  I may be falling off the wagon in grand style today, but rest assured - whether I get back on the wagon or not (and for the record, I will) - I CERTAINLY WILL depict it here.  Those were the terms of the challenge, and I'm honest and dependable, if nothing else. 

Heading out for fitness - I mean penance - walk now.

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