Thursday, May 2, 2013

Made it through one day. On to the next

Lost: 0.6 lbs. Stats: 154.8 lbs., 5'10", BMI: 22.2 
My Fitness Pal says 2,062 calories for the day.

Coffee and 12 oz. 1% milk today, with a few Splenda packets, like every day. I don't always eat breakfast for breakfast; what's wrong with lunch food for breakfast? Yes, you're going to see the same food repeated a lot here. We have a large family and when we stock up on anything, we eat it until it's gone. We don't let anything go bad, so if there is chicken salad in the fridge, then that is what's on the menu - even if it takes days to eat it all up. Note that I used different bread this time, so there's a new photograph. Up to 744 calories for the day, and it's only 9AM. Should be an interesting day.

Ate apple in the afternoon, orange later in the afternoon.
Uh-oh, remember those?  I had three left (ate 3 yesterday, now ate 3 today.)  Typically I would eat all 6 just while making them and keep eating more.  So to eat 3 small cookies each day (and now they are gone)  seems like just sampling, to me, and I feel like I could eat a dozen more.  But I'll drink water and chew gum, probably. 

Didn't chew gum.  Should've done that, but instead chewed a sandwich: (repeated pic from yesterday - same bread at 100 calories, about 1/2 cup Sam's Club cranberry chicken salad with a few chunks of plain boiled chicken mixed in.
 Ate something good and something bad.  I'm honest, if nothing else.


  1. Thanks for the comment Kelly! I love unsweet tea, as did my grandmother. I used to joke we were the only 2 people in Georgia that preferred our tea NOT sweet! ha ha

    My husband is a breakfast for dinner guy, but I am a dinner for breakfast girl. We need a quick grab and go breakfast, so various forms of meatloaf are a favorite.

    Like you, I tend to eat the same things over & over, except dinner.

  2. Too weird - my mom's family is from south Georgia, although I haven't lived there since I was 5.

  3. There's going to be a lot of repeats for me too, I have to eat the same things over and over. :) It takes so much guess work out of it for me. I still need to work on counting calories though! Great start to day two! Cheers!

  4. Hello,

    I came over from Allan's blog to say way to go on doing the food/photo project. Congrats on your recent loss. I also like lunch items at breakfast time.

    Hope you have a great day!

  5. I love the idea of dinner/lunch for breakfast!! We try to cook breakfast most mornings, but it can be hectic!! I'll have to try that, thanks for the idea!

    Saying hi from Allan's blog, btw!

  6. Thanks Vanessa, Jules, and Neca.

    I hope everyone thought it was funny how I made the Snickers look like the height of fine dining.

  7. LOL! I love the Snickers pic. I love the honesty, too!


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