Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New day, new opportunity to do the right thing

My Fitness Pal says: 1,535 calories total today Sitting here catching up on all the overnight news, with my coffee (using my own stock photo; the mug is different but the contents, the same.)  Sometimes I don't eat until 11AM or noon.  This might be a good idea today.  I find that eating early results in eating often (and eating a lot.)
See you later, barring cyber-mayhem, which I heard is in the cards for today (more than other average days recently.)

Didn't make it too long; added in the typical:
21 mini-wheats
Back for lunch:

That's green beans, plus a can of white albacore tuna packed in water (I emptied the can before taking a pic, but thought the can would be a good thing to show alongside the bowl of tuna) and a tablespoon+ of mayonnaise (let's call it 1.5 T) and a 100-calorie whole grain wheat round.

Couldn't hold off without eating something, and here is: 1 oz. of peanuts:

The birthday boy called in a belated birthday dinner and here is the result. Now, I remember that Allan said, "don't take a photo and then say 'but I only ate half of it.'" Well, I really did only eat half, saving the rest for tomorrow. It is orange chicken etc. with rice/noodles, bok choy or something, etc. I blanked out the uneaten half to make this appear factual. See tomorrow for the other half.

That's everything. Let me compute calories and get back to you with that. See the top of each post for the finalized daily calorie count.


  1. I read that it's really important to eat within 30 minutes of waking, it kicks start our metabolism. Which is why we get so hungry during the day! That might make it easier, knowing you're hungry because your metabolism is working hard! :) Today is a new day, it'll be a great one!!

    1. Thanks, Jules. I ate a sensible lunch, which I'm about to upload. I was hatching all sorts of plans in my head for "bad" food (you know, the "S" word - that appears in my diet once per day, it seems like, and twice yesterday.)

      Instead I grabbed a can of tuna and made something nutritious.

  2. Hmmmm, Panda Express perhaps ;-) ???
    I have a similar picture, but can't work any photoshop magick to blank out un-eaten portions...
    Allan's just gonna hafta TRUST ME.


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