Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stilll here, what about you?

My Fitness Pal says: 1,569 calories today. We're in the home stretch to May 31st.  I will weigh in on that day, and if I've lost 5 lbs., I'll consider it a victory.  Take a 5-lb. bag of flour or sugar and feel how heavy it is.  Losing this much flab is truly "zapping" flab and saying goodbye to it forever.  That's my goal - to never see my starting weight again.  I started at 155 and would like to not see the 150s again.  14_ (any digit) is good in my book; let's see if I can make it there.  Last weigh-in showed 151.5 so it just may happen.

Coffee is the only thing on deck for now, although I'm dreaming up more grilled cheese and tomato soup (gotta finish up leftovers, you know?)

Whole sandwich, 1/2 cup of soup

Only one of these!
Two Snack-Size only

Very embarrassing day here. But I'm going to move on.


If you wonder if I only eat junk food, that is a very fair question. I have reflected on this and come to a conclusion:  In at least one sense, this challenge has not been very good for me. The reason: I have been eating a lot of what I would like to eat, and then realizing that my calorie limit for the day is approaching, and I stop eating. Normally, I would eat more nutritious food in addition to a fair amount of goodies, but since I am trying hard to limit calories, I cut them immediately wherever I find myself.  I cut myself off cold from further eating for the day, and that means watching other people eat dinner, while I do not, sometimes. Moving on, now, let's see what Friday brings. My Fitness Pal says: 1,569 calories today.

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