Monday, May 20, 2013

Another day, another bunch of things to eat

My Fitness Pal says 1,865 calories for the day.

How about some coffee and (to mix things up today), first some granola bars and THEN some mini-wheats later?  Woo hoo, I am really living life on the edge today.

Look, I simply CANNOT arrange these pictures well with blogger, so just bear with me if you ever see them out of order. It's hard enough just to get them anywhere near where they should be.

Let me be blunt: The day went downhill. I have been facing many personal, financial, and other challenges, and I admit that I grabbed whatever I felt like eating, when I saw it. This oftentimes means that despite my best intentions to eat something healthful for lunch or dinner, I "spoil my dinner" as they used to say in the olden days, by eating some kind of evil treat and not being hungry or motivated enough to eat anything else later. I simply run out of day, and before I know it, it's midnight. In my defense, the PB&J was one thin heel of bread with one teaspoon (not tablespoon) each of PB and jelly; my stomach was empty and I wanted something small on it before hitting the hay.

x2 servings

1865 calories total


  1. For a while, my boy was KILLING ME by asking for a stop at DQ almost every night - so yes of course I was having a dip cone or a mini-Blizzard! But now he's on his Clean Diet kick so I'M the one who has to watch my step ;-)

    1. That's right - I go there "for the kids" (really, I do... for the most part)

  2. Stress eating is the hardest thing to battle!


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