Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Here, but sick

My Fitness Pal says 1,176 calories today.

Later I will post my stock photos of a piece of toast which I just ate to stave off nausea, and the oatmeal I ate three hours ago. Up since 4-ish with the worst cold in recent history. (Courtesy of three other people in my family who had it first - thanks for sharing, guys.) Hopefully I'll check in by end of day; if not, don't kick me out. I'll post whatever meager amount of anything I can eat, but it might not be until tomorrow.

OK, I've taken some meds and feel halfway human again. Here's the history of my day:

As you can see, it was coffee, toast, oatmeal, two scrambled eggs with toast (half the toast is hidden under the eggs), and a filet-o-fish that nice hubby brought home when he had to leave work early because I was too sick to hold down the fort by myself (EXCEEDINGLY rare for that to happen.)

Internet photo of the McD's food (with yes/no labels added by me), and there were NOT fries included, but I did drink about  1/2 cup (4 oz., not from McD's but from the emergency illness stash in our pantry) of real, sugary coke, because I was so nauseous due to crushing sinus/migraine/whatever pain that I thought I was going to die. So please pardon me for sipping it - we truly have a few tiny bottles set aside for when someone has a sick stomach.

Sorry for the bad formatting but I can barely sit up to do this. I will be back as myself, tomorrow. My Fitness Pal says 1,176 calories.


  1. Hope you feel better soon! I'd bring you chicken soup if we lived close!

    1. Thanks you; that's sweet. This has been the worst sinus pain of my life, but a few Advil have brought it down some.


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