Friday, May 24, 2013

New day, new start

My Fitness Pal says: 1,628 calories today. 

Here we have some things that may atone for some recent sins, and by the way, I have failed to post a particular pic for the last three or four days.  It's non-caloric, so I guess it does not matter, but I have been slugging large quantities of very strong plain green tea.  When I say "strong," I mean that I brew it so that it looks like sewer slime from a century-old abandoned sewer system, and it tastes that way, too.  But I understand it is very good for you!  (so good that it makes me want to hurl, if taken on an empty stomach, and makes me simply want to puke a little, if taken with plenty of food.) 

Just the apple, we are out of oranges

Barfalicous green tea, I drank 2
I ate three; they are small
1/2 cup of soup
Rabbit food

Someone get these out of our house
Now, let's talk about the soup/sandwich and about the cupcakes. Soup: 1/2 cup. Sandwich: 1 oz. cheese in it. Cupcakes - did you know that it's always someone's birthday around here? I made these HALF-sized, but I did eat three. The recipe-published calories (straight from the cookbook) for these cupcakes are 105 each, or 315 for three, and I don't know how much for the frosting, but would you call it fair if I say I had 500 calories' worth of cupcake? This is what I'm writing down on My Fitness Pal.

So... My Fitness Pal says: 1,628 calories today.

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  1. Ha! Well I weighed in & lost 4 lbs as a result of my 3 wks on the challenge (of course that doesn't mean I'm stopping there, just gonna take it 5 lbs at a time!). According to my clinic scales I'm down another lb today but that's "unofficial"...
    Funny you mention the green tea - my trainer is a Herbalife fanatic but I'm more or less turning a deaf ear when he starts talking about supplements I "need" (I believe a well-balanced diet doesn't NEED supplementation) - however I found a couple of bottles of Herbalife Green & Beige tabs "ephedra-free" so I've started taking them @ midday to suppress afternoon snacking behavior...


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