Monday, May 6, 2013

Good morning - it's day 6

My Fitness Pal says: 1,958 calories today

Coffee, 1% milk with it, and exactly 21 mini-wheats.

All right, time for me to get yelled at. I mean, please don't. I already yelled at myself. Well... I ate my fruit:

And you may leave now. Goodnight! See everyone tomorrow.

I didn't think that would work. So... that was after I ate something(s) and before I ate something(s) else. I did a double on one and a triple on the other.

What do I have to say for myself? Not much, really. Except... it was thin..? I didn't eat all the crust..? But really, I learned something new. I learned (through research) how many calories are in standard (that means not especially thick-crust or with greasy toppings) pizza per ounce. Who cares about "per slice" when slice sizes vary wildly? I spent about 1/2 hour researching (yeah, there are better things to do with one's time - like NOT eating, and like exercising some part of the body other than the eyeballs) and it's about 65-75 calories per ounce for thin, standard pizza without thick anything heaped on it.  And yes, I weighed a slice of pizza. That's about 900 calories worth of pizza for me. As for the brown-wrappered items, let's not even talk about the "S" word. Have you ever ripped into a bag of miniature ones and eaten them all day? Well, I didn't do that. Have you ever eaten a King Size Snickers? Well, hells bells, I used to eat those and think nothing of it!  They stopped making them, to protect people like me from themselves. (instead they put a "serving of 2" in one package and call it "2 to go."  HA!!!)  I didn't do that this time. But I guess a normal-sized one was not enough, and I knew where the others were, and... I guess I will not be joining the weight-loss club this week. Oh well... guess what I'm doing the rest of the day? Cleaning like the dickens and then exercising outdoors, to try to burn off a few carb calories.


  1. Glad to find someone who eats somewhat similar to me!!! (i.e. plans change as circumstances dictate)

    1. Yep - we'll, I'm going to post my morning eats later today and it won't be especially pretty.

  2. One thing challenge is teaching me is to be more like a Boy Scout: PLAN AHEAD!

    1. Agreed; good plan. Planning ahead, that is. :o)


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