Thursday, May 16, 2013

I am not quitting

My Fitness Pal says 1,463 calories for the day.

I've noticed some people dropping out of the challenge. Until our fearless leader tells us it's over, I'm still in. I was sick for the last few days and still managed to get my pics uploaded, even if the next day. If I can eat it, I can take a photo of it (or at least find a representative pic on the internet - that's fair and reasonable, right?) If I don't have time to record it, I really shouldn't be eating it. If I can eat it, I can tweet it. If I can smell it, I can tell it. If I can... Well, you get the idea. Today, so far, only coffee. But since I am feeling better, I may ramp up soon. And I have gone from my starting weight of 155.4 to 151.something. Let's hope that "holds." Wait - let me rephrase that. There is no "hope" in the equation: It's up to me whether it holds or not. Weight is not some kind of mystery that I have no control over. I eat like a pig - I gain weight. I eat less than my body needs - I lose weight. It's as simple as that.

All right, truth time: I ate another 1/2 cup of the ice cream: (darn us, why did we buy it? It's the two Celebrity Apprentice flavors and we had to be educated in order to vote, right?)

I forgot to photograph the fish, I was in such a frenzy, so I went out and found a photo: Sam's Club tilapia, and cut out half the pic to show the correct portion: 1.5 pieces (I ate all that was leftover from last night - sorry to my other other family members!)

Uh-oh - look what happened when I was short on time and driving the family station wagon around town:

Qualifying statements: I took some of the tartar sauce off. I only ate about a dozen french fries stolen from my daughter's portion. I didn't purchase a coke, but I did drink a 12-oz. one from our pantry, earlier in the day as a little hair of the dog from my feeling-sick experience the last few days. I am about to eat 1/2 a piece of toast because my stomach feels like it has cobwebs in it.

That's it - good night - My Fitness Pal says 1,463


  1. Great! We "junk-food junkies" have to stick together ;-) You can see I'm sticking w/it too; what's a few more min when I waste ungodly amounts of time in cyberspace anyway??
    The trick will be continuing to hide the "survival" of my blog from my son (if you read back, all the trouble started in Dec when he told me ex-husband was reading)

    1. I would go insane over my ex (I have one, too) reading. And he's been known to snoop, so I have to take measures to be any-person and fly under the radar.

      I don't even feel like eating junk food today (the only good thing about being sick, and I'm mostly over it, but have no appetite for sweets.) The ice cream was there because of Celebrity Apprentice - amazing the things TV can get us to do, huh? ;o)


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