Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hair of the dog

My Fitness Pal says: 1,538 calories for the day. I'm going to weigh in on Friday, so I'd better taper off what I eat.  Thankfully, the human vacuum cleaners known as kids (big kids) have taken care of most of the calorie-dense foods around here.   Hair of the dog refers to the cake which is about 360 calories per 100 g. (I'm learning a lot from this exercise - mainly that pizza is about 300 calories per typical 4.5-oz. portion, and cake is about 360 calories per 100 g. generous portion.)

Really it was cake, but I'll represent it with a pic of cupcakes because there's not much difference, and I already have cupcake pics on my compy.

OK, I have to keep up, even if I do not have photos. I'm in this till the 31st, and it's only a few more days. Take note that I documented everything with a photograph up until a couple of days ago. At this point I'm documenting everything (embarrassing as some of it is) with words, even if without a photo.

One serving of Cheetos (look, do you know what kind of progress it is for me to have ONE serving of anything?)

Two servings of green beans (that's right, I ate double on those)

One serving of barbecued chicken. This is skinless chicken breast cooked in a non-fat homemade, chopped-onion, vinegar, tomato etc. sauce.

Well, guess what - that's IT! That's it for today. When I have had to estimate calories, I estimate high, because I don't like to fool myself. I err on the side of MORE calories. But I try to be as accurate as possible. Oops, I forgot ONE Reese's PB cup, and not even the standard size, but the "snack size." 80 calories. I must have been very motivated today. See calories at the top of the post. Over and out.

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  1. I'm hanging up on the edge of my plateau again, so obviously need to buckle down & get strict about tracking...
    But my trainer kicked my ass yesterday, arms & core are sore today. I know damn well I can't out-work my mouth, however.


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