Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday's pics

1,488 calories today, according to my old pal "My Fitness." Here are the pics to go with that, and pardon me for grabbing some stock photos. I did not take a pic of the grilled cheese and tomato soup, I admit. But pics of that are found by the trillions on the interwebs.

only ONE of the bars in this packet
1 oz.


  1. Well I saw that Allan has taken down Photo Challenge sidebar, but I'm gonna keep up through the end of this week - then I'll post some results. This has kept me much more "honest" than any other method I've followed.

  2. You are such a hilarious person! ;)

  3. Sorry for the late reply - but to answer your veterinary q, it's all LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! When you take your pet out of their familiar environment, they often will not assert themselves... I tell people all the time, that stainless steel table is a great equalizer but we do have our share of wrestling matches!

    1. Thank you for solving that great mystery. My little varmint, then, thinks/knows she's boss of her own castle, but the man with the steel table is another kingdom altogether, and she knows she'd better take the thermometer and hope for the best. :o)


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