Friday, May 10, 2013

Burp, chomp, slurp, burp some more

My Fitness Pal says 1,650 calories total today.

The usual breakfast (oatmeal this time, though)
I reused a photo - it was a different flavor this time
coffee with 1% milk

And then, for a decadent, greasy treat:

Now, let's talk about these onion rings. The astute viewer will detect that this is a size "large." I admit, I intended to sin big-time, and I bought a large. But I did not eat them all. I actually weighed the uneaten rings - before giving them to someone else - and looked up the weight in grams for each serving size of this grease-bomb. It turns out that I only consumed the equivalent of a medium order of onion rings, so My Fitness Pal will be none the wiser (let's keep it between me and you that I set out to eat 500 calories' worth of deep-fried breading before fearing massive heartburn and thinking better of it.)

I had a very busy day, so please don't judge. (Who am I kidding? I know judgment galore is going on.) So, before much is said about that, let's move on to dinner (look, tomorrow I will get back on board with vegetables and fruit.) We made a homemade version of a fast food favorite (Filet-o-fish) and it was pretty good, and with a whole-grain roll, leftover tilapia, one slice of cheese, very little mayo, and a dab of relish.

And here we have a particularly bad choice: Real root beer (next time I think I'll make it diet), 3 oz. which is just 45 calories, and rum, 1.5 oz. which is 105 calories. A 150 calorie drink, in other words. My Fitness Pal says 1,650 calories total today.

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