Sunday, May 12, 2013

How could I not eat it? You can't say no

My Fitness Pal says: 1,933 calories today.

Now you get to see my comically-messy desk, and this is what I saw upon arising today.

Now, I don't even like cinnamon and brown sugar pop tarts. This is why I bought them for the kids - they like them, and I don't. The store-brand cookies are also a rarely-eaten phenomenon. Not worth the calories. Peanuts - always a good selection. So... My heart was touched, and I thanked the child who left me this plate, and promptly gobbled it all down. I was grateful that someone cared enough to make a mothers day breakfast for me.

Calorie count - off to a good, high start, first thing in the morning.

Oops, I didn't update yet. The day went downhill. I ate in the car, so please judge less harshly. Here's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the shameful truth:
x2, I hope no one reads this caption

1/2 tuna sandwich, 15 grain bread
2 small, not standard

But wait, that's not all:

Diet this time, only 60 calories

And I don't think I mentioned the usual coffee - I was so excited over Mothers Day breakfast. So here it is, and this wraps up the day. A whopping 1,933 calories according to My Fitness Pal.

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  1. Ah, I LIVED on brown-sugar-cinnamon Pop Tarts as a kid! I thought it was the greatest thing I'd ever seen when, as an adult, I found 'em at Sam's Club in a LARGE BOX... How disappointing when I bought 'em, took 'em home to discover that I had outgrown that pasty, sugary sweetness.


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