Sunday, May 26, 2013

Holiday weekends present challenges

My Fitness Pal says: 1,350 calories for the day. My eye is on May 31st, yet we have a birthday AND a holiday weekend to contend with.  I'm not weighing in until the 31st, though, so I'd better try to stay on my toes.  So far today:

I don't know if anyone is posting pics anymore, or if I will get the pics up for this day (although I did take pics.) But here is a list: 21 mini-wheats 2 cups of strong green tea barbecued chicken green beans Ice cream, and I like to estimate high so I'm going ot say 2 cups Fritos, again, high estimate, 2 servings That was it; I was very busy. See top of post for calories.


  1. OK, 1st comment lost in cyberspace - I'll try again w/less verbiage!
    I'm not posting photos any longer, just tracking on LoseIt app & trying to keep my head above water, "maintaining" over this holiday weekend...

  2. I'm still posting, not sure how much longer... till I get tied of it I guess! :-)


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