Thursday, July 11, 2013

Let's see if I can pull it off

July - the end of, specifically, is the deadline for this venture.  Not sure why, but I have tightened down the last few days.  Tired of fooling myself.  Willing to put up with the psychic pain to get where I'm going.  Mindful of the fact that undereating is similar to withdrawing from opiates, quitting smoking, or a number of dopamine-associated activities.  I have no pharmacological assistance.

If any of the people from the original challenge, or any other interested parties, are aware that my husband (on blogroll) was also part of the challenge - well, guess what?  He's still doing it, even if not posting.  His doctor put him on bupropion.  He never knew he "needed" it, but feels that it is helping him.  Funny how he now gets to talk me down, like a calm therapist, his brain under mediation of its chemistry. He will update when he's good and finished losing weight, and will probably upload photos at that time, too.

Anyway, let's put in today's total when it's done.  Here you go:  1,195.

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