Friday, July 19, 2013

A day for the mistake books

This was posted on a different day but pertains to Thursday, July 17th.

Thursday was a difficult day and I did not restrain myself from eating something late in the day that threw me very far over.  Let's see what happens if/when I am able to stick to a more reasonable goal.  So here it is, for the books: 2,140

Interesting, when one dietary lapse throws me that far over, to think what I had been consuming when not even trying to restrict calories, and when basically staying the same, weight-wise, for a long time.  A quick guess on my part would put it well above 2,500.

That said, I have taken another average for the last 30 days, and it was around 1,700.  This is not enough to bring weight down.  Either I bring it down and lose a few pounds or I end this project.  Simple as that.  It looks like this is a summer-long project now.

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