Friday, July 19, 2013

Just my opinion

Pardon me while I complain, because you're going to hear a lot of it over the next month.  This blog is for me; I complain to get it out; read it if you want; click on to some other site and don't come back if you do not.

I'll keep this particular ramble short.  This is based on my experience.  People vary, and I am not especially big (bigger people have reported different experiences and all sorts of people have reported bull$hit accounts otherwise...)  Here goes:  While people love to obsess over what they're going to eat while they're on a diet, and entire magazines are devoted to it - nay, entire industries - and zillions of dollars are spent by people trying to buy an easy way out - well... if you're going to lose weight, while you still get to eat *something* each day (lest you die of starvation)  - you'd better get used to basically not eating.

In other words, fancy it up all you want by talking about what you're going to eat.  In the end, it's a whole lot of NOT eating.  It's about not eating.  (I just repeated myself.)  You don't eat a lot more than you do eat.

It sucks; it's not fun; it works.  It's something that has to be endured.  Show me the person who says, "...and I was never hungry" and I'll call that person a liar or someone who has not lost any weight.

Maybe it's different for others- whatever - but at my weight, to take a pound off means eating about 1/4 of what I would like to eat, and probably about 1/3 of what I would normally eat.

Over and out.

Calories today:  1,427, and I could easily eat double that and not feel that I overindulged.


  1. I think there is so much talk about what to eat while on a diet simply BECAUSE there is do much not eating!! So what we DO put in our mouths matters that much more- to keep up nourished and satiated :)

    1. Very true. I see you have a great blog - thanks for posting, and I'm glad I found your blog!

      Everyone else who hasn't said anything - just go ahead, so I can find more blogs to read - even if I do have to read about food, which may make me more hungry!

  2. Glad you're still here - you had mentioned folding our tent on/around the 15th???
    Anyway, I'm back from my NM sojourn, I see Allan has jettisoned the challenge (maybe I was skewing the results too badly ;-) and I need to put my own post together after I catch up on some sleep...
    But you're of course absolutely dead-on about NOT eating; the discipline is hard to impose.

    1. Thanks; yep, that is another goal broken - but since I'm breaking it to work on my goal, I will excuse myself from that. Lately I've been sticking to my calorie limit and I truly feel like I imagine junkies must feel without a fix. It becomes ingrained in the neurotransmitters when you develop habits involving dopamine (as I believe many compulsive behaviors do - including overeating) and when you add in the body's natural drive to obtain a minimum level of calories over the threshhold I have set, it's a bunch of mental misery. But I'm slogging through it, a minute at a time.


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