Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Internet problems!

Well, I can blame that for one day.  Let me catch up here with 5 days' worth of data:

Friday: 2,704 (you do NOT want to know!)
Saturday: 2,227
Sunday: 1,950
Monday: 2,093
Tuesday: 1,389  (funny: My Fitness Pal says "you have 1 calorie remaining")

And today, Wednesday, will be determined later and documented in the space below:



  1. & what if I DO want to know ;-) ??!!??

    I'm chomping at the bit to finish loading up & hit the open road MANANA... This will make weigh-in's for Allan's Challenge problematic but yes, there ARE scales in horse camp - no telling how well they will correlate w/home scales! It may be favorable, but then again it may not. It isn't as if I've been the best lil' beaver, but I've been far from the worst!

    1. OK, if you really want to know: In Sam's Club, have you ever seen those cakes just inside the door on a holiday? Like 4th of July? Red/white/blue frosting? Large layer cakes?

      'Nuff said.


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