Monday, June 10, 2013

Worst blog ever

What I mean by that is:  No more pics, and now only a total of calories; at this point, I don't even post them on the correct day.  But I do total my calories.  And I may have a trick up my sleeve by the end of the month.

I will keep posting here until June 30, at which time I will record my final weight.

My Fitness Pal says 1,999 calories for Sunday, and
My Fitness Pal says 2,290 calories for today.

Note the totals creeping up.  Someone brought home food from... a carry-out food establishment, that's all I'm going to say.  This has to stop if I have any hope of peeling off even one more pound by the end of June.  Stay tuned; place bets on whether I can do it or not.  We'll see.

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