Friday, June 14, 2013

Coasting in the fat lane

Well, I just say that because I believe I am making no progress - and no wonder - with my 2,000 calorie per day diet, I should not expect progress.  This challenge is extended till the end of June and now I'm thinking mid-July.  But anyway, here are the stats:

My Fitness Pal says: 2,032 calories for Thursday, June 13th.

Tonight:  Will post when tallied up (I've eaten 1 oz. of peanuts today and that's it.)

As Val said, confession is good for the soul, but the flip side of that is that confession is bad for the reputation.

** Well, guess what?!  Today's total is only 1,165.  That's right, I ate roughly half today what I've been eating in prior days.  I have a lot going on.

Tomorrow is going to be a doozy.  Dinner at a friend's, and I already know that pizza is planned. (Oh, sheesh.)


  1. Ha! Well, when Allan asked for weigh-ins TODAY, I nearly crapped my pants! I was pleasantly surprised by 210.8 on my clinic scales (a gain of ONLY 0.6 lbs)
    So I'll start from there! Good luck, soldier ;-)

    1. You're doing better than I am, then. I thought about stepping on the scale today and decided against it. And if I don't want to know, that's a clear sign that I'd better change what I'm doing!


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